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Sometimes, just knowing that there’s someone there to chat to is just what’s needed.  Over the last few years, we’ve all had times when we have felt lonely, just wanted a natter or felt like just opening that door and stepping out into the world again, can be a challenge.  Our new Cuppa & Chat project is all about helping people in East Suffolk to do just this – recognising that everyone is different and faces different challenges, has different needs, but also understanding that being part of a community can really help you to feel involved, valued and supported.

And what better way to do this than by sharing a Cuppa and Chat.

To do this, we need YOU to tell us what matters to YOU.  You can do that in a variety of ways:

Online Cuppa & Chat

These are hour long online (Zoom) sessions for anyone aged 18+ to join, held Wednesdays 11-12 noon each week. You can simply make your cuppa, grab a biscuit and log on, and be guaranteed of a friendly face on the screen to have a chat to – and we hope that over time, more and more people will join us to start to build an online community.  These sessions are for you, so although to start with the conversation will be general, there is the opportunity to build in subject related chats and activities – we just need you to tell us what you would like from them and we’ll do our best to make it happen!


If you need help with getting online, you can call us on 01449 707030 and speak to one of our team who can guide you through using Zoom, or request a copy of our Zoom Toolkit. 

Communities Together Fund

As part of the Cuppa & Chat project, East Suffolk Council are funding a grant pot to support communities in East Suffolk who have initiatives that help to combat loneliness and social isolation.  Applications are welcomed for an award of up to £500 through a simple application process.

For further information regarding the Fund, criteria and timescales, click here

To apply to the Communities Together Fund, click here

Communities Based Support

We want to know what’s going on in your community, what opportunities there are for you to meet up with others and build social connections – would your community benefit from social group opportunities, or activities and sessions for particular age groups or communities?

Would you be interested in becoming a Community volunteer and support people in your community who may be struggling with loneliness?  Our BeAFriend service is available to support all adult ages in East Suffolk, so we are looking for people within communities who may have an hour or more to spare a week to “be a friend” to someone.

We need YOU to tell us what YOUR community needs and then we can work together to make great connections happen!


To find out more or to get involved, call 01449 7077030 or email

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Read the latest news from our blog:

2023: A Right Royal Help Out

2023: A Right Royal Help Out

Everywhere we turn at the moment is red white and blue with a plethora of Coronation memorabilia and decorations donning the streets as well as in our shops.

We don’t want to get left behind, but rather than focusing specifically on Coronation Day and the national Big Help Out campaign to encourage volunteering, we’ve decided in true CTEA form to “do our own thing”!  So thanks to King Charles, we are launching 2023 for 2023, an opportunity for you to pledge your time throughout 2023, with the aim of reaching the grand total of 2023 volunteering hours donated from our incredible volunteer army.

Meet our new Operations Manager

Meet our new Operations Manager

Hello! I am delighted to have joined CTEA as Operations Manager in January 2023.  It means a great deal to me to be going to work in an organisation that truly believes in the power and strength of local community and in empowering people within their own communities.

Just a little about myself…. I would like to be thought of as a kind and compassionate person who tries to always be helpful to others. I always try to put my team first and shepherd people together, showing positive leadership to create a team not a collection of individuals.

The Start of a New Year…

The Start of a New Year…

How the time flies!

With Christmas and New Year festivities now behind us, it’s time for the Communities Together East Anglia team to forge ahead with some exciting plans, developments and most importantly continuing to support people at a community level across Suffolk to reduce loneliness and social isolation.

We also have some anniversaries – two of our amazing team are celebrating their two year anniversary with the charity in January, and we also welcome Colin Baldwin to our merry band – Colin has joined us from Suffolk County Council and is our new Operations Manager – so you can expect to hear and see Colin when we are out and about in communities over the next few months!